Cut through messaging

  • October 25, 2017

Every day we are bombarded with offers – whether it’s a great deal on a home loan or a cheap place to eat the offers are never ending.
Luckily our brain usually works out what is relevant and what is not. So how do you ensure your company or product messages are hitting the spot and not being filtered out?
Ensuring your content is crisp and to the point is key to success.
Here are some top tips….
1. Solve a real problem
Ensure you are solving a problem that exists for your potential customer. This will help you to ‘cut through’. This can be helped along by really understanding your audience, for example what is the problem, when it is a problem and why it is a problem.

2. Make the offer easy
Reducing the complexity will ensure the customer is not lost (and distracted) along the way. Ensure the offer is easily understood in a simple sentence.

3. Clear call to action
Sign up up now, call now, click here are key indicators an action is required. Making the process as simple as possible will ensure your making the process simple for your new customer.

Using these three tips will help you to ensure you are truly engaging with clients.