Digitisation of your business

  • November 14, 2017

Winning the digital game requires a mind shift however before that can start products and services need to be analysed. This article unravels the three-step plan Australian based businesses need to be across.

Step 1 Engage Employees

The need to engage digitally with employees must be a conscious first step. Building demand from untapped channels you need to be sure your employees are ready.

Today’s employees are often digitally savvy and in some case creating their own smarts with the use of tools that are available free-of-charge. Whether it Trello for project management or Mail Chimp for email distribution often they have paved their own way to automation while the company was playing catch up. Engaging this group on your journey will also help with the acceptance of a new digital regime.

Step 2 Understanding true profitability

Digital channels give rise to lower barriers to entry however with that, comes factors such as globalisation therefore price must be carefully considered. It is no wonder understanding the cost of providing a service needs to be understood. Understanding the true profitability of any given product or service needs to underpin your decisioning.

Step 3 Clearly defined customer base

A recent Harvard Review article on how to build a strategy – sort to simplify the business planning process by asking the question – where will you play and where will you not play? While the lure of globalisation is great as it can amass new customers in milliseconds, you are then competing on price as service may not be easily rendered in a 24-hour multi-lingual economy.

It is through differentiation and innovation that organisations can create the shift in mindset – why not start your journey today.